40 pastel berry cluster lights on black wire.

Original price was: £16.99.Current price is: £11.99.

Qbis pastel berry lights use a special sequence of purple, blue and aqua LEDs with opaque berry covers provide an attractive and warm lighting effect. The warm lighting is perfect for cold winter nights. 40 LEDs powered by batteries for maximum versatility. Battery lights can be used for so many occasions…. festive and Birthday parties, Wedding table decorations, room decorations, flower arrangements, garlands and many more. Suitable for indoor use for decorations, garlands, flower arrangements, weddings and more… The lights look great on the mantel. Each set has 40 LEDs with fitted berry covers (which can not be removed). The lights provide a soft static display powered by four AA batteries (not included). The overall length is 3.6m (0.2m from the battery pack to the first LED and 3.4m from the first to last LED). The berry covers are white and glow purple, blue and aqua only when the lights are switched on. The battery pack is white in colour and the cable used is thin transparent PVC wire.

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