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All our cluster lighting can be used indoors and outdoors (the plug must be kept dry).

Use our green wire version with your Christmas tree or wind it around your banister with an existing garland. Our Sunset® berry lights would give a warm glow in an unused fireplace, mantlepiece, a nook in the wall .If you’re looking for bedroom lights we recommend out warm white cluster lights on copper wire and our Sunset® cluster berry lights of course! Our 480 Warm White LEDs on silver wire are perfect for adding sparkle to wedding or party.

Specific tips for these clustered lights: Take your time when installing these multi-branch lights. Find the start of the lights which is the furthest point from the plug and wind it or place it around whatever you’re decorating. You may find our medium hooks useful for this. Once the lights are in situ, adjust the each branch to how you like it. When packing lights away, adjust the branches to all face one way to minimise tangling. They are definitely worth the effort!